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Welcome to the Viale Giulio Cesare Guest House!
To access the Wi-Fi, please use the following password: VGC-2020.

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We want to make your stay as pleasant as possible, so please note that everything in your room is free of charge.

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To proceed with opening the main door, simply use the handle.
If the opening is blocked, simply press the central button on the white device below the handle and wait for it to open. Alternatively, you can manually turn the ring nut around the button clockwise until the door opens.

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After check-out, you can leave your luggage free of charge in the kitchen/reception area. We kindly ask you to deposit your keys in the box from which you collected them. Just call or text us to open the main door.

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The air conditioning is automatic and delivers warm air in winter and cold air in summer. You cannot adjust the temperature manually, but you can turn it on or off by turning the knob anti-clockwise (ON) or clockwise (OFF). You can also select the fan speed (low, medium, high). The other buttons or levers on the thermostat cannot be used.

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Room cleaning is scheduled every day by 1 p.m., unless a 'Do not disturb' sign is hung on the door.

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For any needs or information, please contact Stefano at +39 3485500722 (also on WhatsApp) or Alessandro at +39 3355904832 (also on WhatsApp). We are here to make your stay the best possible!

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If you need a transfer to the airport or station, you can book a dedicated car directly with us.

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